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1. The calendar below will show you the date and time of all my appointments, their name and the city they live in.
2. Find a date and time where you are within a 20 minute driving time of an adjacent appointment, then fill out the Request Form at the bottom of this page to request your appointment.
3. I will e-mail you back within a few minutes to confirm the appointment.

(The Available times you see below are flexible. When filling out the Request Form below, please choose a time that fits your agenda.)


  Piano Tuning Request Form for Doug Freeze

  Fill out this Form, click Send and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Please fill in all fields that pertain to you and ignore the rest. Only your email address is required.
Your First & Last Name
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The date and time you'd like me there. Month         Date         Time 
Please don't leave this blank for me to choose. That defeats the entire purpose of this calendar.
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